HO scale Flack Mine

Two building options: tar paper siding
or wood siding version
Both building versions are included in the kit!

HO scale Flack Mine

as modeled by Duncan Harvey

Federal Mine - wood siding option - with optional rear shed

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  1. Details include: Interior etched floor boards, interior structure, one piece removable roof, plank siding that is engraved on the interior and exterior wall surfaces, full head frame with moving parts, work bench, windows and doors that can be positioned open or closed and include laser-cut glazing!

  2. Out trademark EASY to follow FULLY Illustrated Step-By-Step instructions make building easy!

  3. Precision Laser cut wood construction.

  4. Includes our paper corrugated roofing material and tar paper roofing.

  5. Footprint    N = N/A

  6. Footprint    HO = 2.4" x 5.3"

  7. Footprint    S = 3.4” x 7.3”

  8. Footprint    O = N/A

  9. Based on drawings provided by Joe Crea.

  10. With all of kits, we include some way for you to customize our structures right out of the box. This allows you to add you own personal
    touch to fit your layout.

    See “The Design” section below for
    some of the included options.

Though the tiny Flack Mine is located on Quartz Hill, near Nevadaville, Colorado, it probably was not served by the Gilpin Tram, based on evidence from the site. Any possible auxiliary buildings were nonexistent by the time the Flack was able to be measured.

Thus, the Flack Mine, which is nearly a ruin, leaves us with a small mysterious snapshot into Colorado’s storied gold rush days, preserved only by those who have taken the time to historically document it. Except for the actual measurements that this structure kit was designed from, not much else is known. If any information surfaces, it will be added to our web-site.

This kit is the second in a series of structures that will be released documenting and, in a way, historically preserving our past for future generations to enjoy as well.

The Design:
We have included many options, as listed above, for this kit. This gold mine can be built with the wood siding exposed. Boards are engraved on the inside walls, as well as, the exterior walls. A second option is to build the mine covered with our tar paper siding.

The site of this mine has been changed over the years, as new roads have been cut, tailing piles moved, etc.. We believe that at one time this mine probably had a near-by boiler or compressor structure built toward the rear of the building. A pipe coming out of the roof and running towards the rear of the Flack Mine is the only evidence that exists to support this. Only a guess!

Interior view:
Work bench, floor boards, and interior walls board detail!

Head Frame:
All of our mines include prototype laser cut mine head frames. They are designed for easy assembly!


Flack Mine

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