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Show schedule for 2023

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We are a little behind of where we thought we planned to be by this time of the year. Stay tuned as we wil be updating products that we advertised in the latest edition of the Gazette. A few last minute production part changes and final touches on our instructions are all that remains!

We continue to work on a lot of projects at once. Too many irons in the fire. We are developing a lot of new detail kits, as well as, detail parts for our kits. Slowly, but surely, we will have some new news.

Thank you again to everyone for your patience this last year. We have had a lot of changes behind the scenes that have slowed our shipping and production times. As our family changes, so does everything else, as many of you can relate!

New stuff...

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Thank you!

Thank you again to everyone for your continued input and support. Stay healthy and safe!

Paper Corrugated Roofing

Available in: N, HO, S, & O scales

Available in 2 widths!

“The Molly minute...”

Many of you like to hear how little Molly is doing, so this section is dedicated for just that!

Molly (14), is keeping us extremely busy. She is only a half year from High School. Time goes by too fast. Enjoy every moment!

“The Madeline minute...”

Maddie is now 12 years old! (Time flies...)

Just like her sister, Madeline is now a 6ht grader, play club volleyball, soccer, and just finished a role in her first school play.

“Our MnM’s”

43th National Narrow Gauge Convention

Denver, CO - Aug 30 - September 2, 2023

Ore Cars

Now available in:

O scales, S scale,

HO scale

we have a lot of great content on this site, please explore and enjoy!

Gallery Pages!

We have been working on our gallery pages. Check them out! If you dont see your photo in them, please send us one (or more) and we will add it to the galleries!

paper corrugated roofing

Shop Heaters

Now available in:

O, S, and HO scales

Clean-Up barrel

Now available in:

O, S, and HO scales

Powell Machine Co – Planer

Available in: O scale

Planer - Powell Machine Co
m8 - Clean-Up Barrel - gold mining
DP34 Shop Heaters

Allis Chalmers Dynamo

Now available in:

O, S, and HO scales

DP27-Allis Chalmers Dymano