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Our Company

Wild West Scale Model Builders is a family owned and operated, design and manufacturing, craftsman structure kit company. We are located in the heart of Narrow Gauge country in Colorado. Most of our structures reflect the rich past in character, style, and proportion. We have a balance of structures that are freelance and prototype. Our freelance structures are inspired from the diverse architectural and vernacular styles of the region. Our prototypes are carefully reproduced. We take every measure to create prototypes that are as exact and accurate as can be analyzed from what remains of our rich past.

However, do not be be fooled by the Wild West name. Many of our structures, (including our two-story outhouse) could be found all across our great country at one time.


I started producing craftsman kits in 2004 as a subsidiary of my Architectural and Graphic design company, Cutting Edge Designs. My first kit, the Silverton House, is based on the prototype I designed for my first client after graduating with a Masters in Architecture.

In 2013, we aquired the Western Scale Models line of premium crafstman kits to compliment our line.

Thank You

Though Wild West Scale Model Builders is primarily a “one-man show”, there are many people whose help is invaluable to the success of the company. My wife, Korie, runs all of our shows and the rest of our family help behind the scenes here at the shop and at the shows they attend.

There are many of you out there who have helped me grow within the hobby and have taught me many things about modeling and design and I sincerely thank you!

Mike and Korie Pyne - NNGC 2008
Mnm and Mike after the dentist
Molly relaxing
Molly at the Buffalo Mine Tram house
Mike Pyne-Fernando-ray Sadler-Doug Ramos-Ralph Scally-Korie Pyne-Pasadena NNGC
Mike Pyne - Keith Pashina
Ralph, Doug Ramos, Ray Sadle, Mike, Korie

Our Specialty

We specialize in the production of high-quality precision designed and engineered in-house laser-cut craftsman kits, museum quality white metal detail kits, and 3D printed/white metal detail parts.

We love designing and manufacturing craftsman structure kits. We put a great deal of time and care into our kits, from our trademark fully-illustrated, easy-to-follow, step-by-step assembly instructions, to the way all of the parts fit together and are packaged.  

We hope you have as much satisfaction and fun building the models as we have had producing them for you.

Mike Pyne-Joe Crea-Keith Pashina-Quartz Hill Mine
Mike Pyne-Ray Sadler-Doug Ramos-Ralph Scally-Korie Pyne-Hickory NNGC

Mining & Historic Preservation

Growing up in Colorado, I have explored many old mining roads, mining camps, tailing dumps, abandoned mines, even helped open, timber, muck and explore our family patented mining claim.

Every year it becomes apparent that our past is slowly vanishing before our eyes and is only being remembered by those who take the time to explore, document, and share it.

I got my first taste of what historical preservation entails while getting my Masters in Architecture. I worked on a few HABS/HAER projects doing the research, site surveys, measurements, reports, and drawing sets that were submitted to the Library of Congress. (A lot of work!) This gave me the bug to start collecting data that will help preserve the past for our future.

Our recent prototype mining structures have been our first steps at a historical preservation project that will include locating, documenting, drawing, modeling and mapping mining structures that once or might still exist here in Colorado. (This is not a one person project. I will be seeking the help of many, and you will see them credited here on the site and in our kit instructions!)

The best part of our research is that you will be able to build these structures and add them to your operations, layouts, dioramas and collections!

Bill and Evie Gustafson - Mike and Korie Pyne
Bob Lenz layout
Harry Brunk
Don Vancil-Mike Pyne
Mike and Korie-Frontenac mine
Steve McGee - Greg Jackson - Don Vancil
pynes - Anaheim NMRA
Cathy and Doug Junda
california pynes - Anaheim NMRA
Kurt-Wolf Designs - Chris Park
Joe and Lori - Raggs to riches??
Mike Pynr and Scott Pyne
Alex Meyers - Gary Meyers
Jim Vail - Mike Pyne - Wild west models
Korie Pyne - Charlie Getz
Mike and Molly
Rob Spangler - Steve Blodgett - Hostlers
Korie Pyne - Jody Walters
Mike and Korie - Old Jordan Mine
Mike and Korie - Durango and Silverton RR
Harry Lindsey
Duncan Harvey
Korie - NNGC 2008 Portland OR
silverton Trip - Pynes
Silverton and Durango RR
Silverton and Durango RR
Silverton and Durango RR
Daddy and girls camping
MnM - twins
Mike and Korie Pyne - Wild West scale models
Korie and Molly baby
Koire and Madeline baby
Silverton and Durango RR
MnM sandbox
MnM at the zoo
Molly waterslide
Daddy and his girls
MnM swimming

We are members of the following Historical Societies

MnM at hospital
Molly Pyne - spoon nose
Molly working
Madeline farm
Madeline Pyne helping build shop
MnM dressed as MnM's
Molly relaxing from hard work
MnM carpenters
MnM snack break
Darth vader and MnM's
icecream snack
Molly and Madeline sorting metal
MnM mountain top
Korie Pyne and Madeline - wild west models
Madeline dance class
Mike Pyne-Scott-ray Sadler-Doug Ramos-Ralph Scally-Korie Pyne-houston NNGC
Mike Pyne-Ray Sadler-Doug Ramos-Ralph Scally-st. louis NNGC
Monte Pearson-Ralph Scally-Doug Ramos NNGC Kasas City
Paul Scoles - Mike Pyne
Keith Pashina - Darel Leedy
Gilpin Tram modelers
mike pyne-keith pashina-korie pyne
Molly dance Clsaa
Molly Home Depot craft
cool glasses
tree climbing
mug cake
Mike and Korie-Ray Sadler-Doug Ramos
Pyne Family
biking ride
MnM custom shirts
Madeline Soccer game
story time
rockies baseball
Madeline JDBC
archery bullseye
scenery work
wild west scale model builders
skating and bike
Jessie Bilello
MnM swim team 2019
HHS Vball
Daddy daughter
Family chillin
LPCS Archery Team
Madeline helping at the vet
MnM-Boba Fett
MnM halloween
MnM lunch break
MnM Mine exploration
MnM Mine exploration
Pynes-mine exploration
4x4 exploration
MnM swimming