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Gallery – 2009 Narrow Guage Convention

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In 2009, the National Narrow Gauge Convention (NNGC) was just down the road from our shop, in Colorado Springs. This was our first Narrow Gauge convention with our baby daughter Molly. She just turned 7 months before the show, and I think she had a great time! We re-united with many of our friends and met some new ones, too. We tried to take as many photos as we could, but were pretty busy with the show and taking care of Molly.

If you have some pictures you would like to share, email them to us and we will add them to this page. Include a little bit of text explaining the picture, who is in it, and what we are looking at.


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2009 show crew - Pyne Family - Moll's first show
Wild West Models 2009 display
Colorado Springs NNGC
Molly just 6 months old
Mike - Ralph - Doug - Ray
Our traditional annual photo
Mike - Doug Heitkamp - Monte Pearson - Keith Pashina
Keith - Molly - Korie
Family picture
Keith and Mike discussing dimensions of new mine kit
Monte Pearson (always looks so intimidating) - Ralph S - Mike P
chatting it up
Joe Fuss - He looks like about 6'-8" here! Make me look short at 6'-3"
Mike and Jon Addison talking shop
Linda Lenz - Taking reservations for the 30th NNGC in St. Louis, MO
Martin Pirnat - Mike Pyne
photo op
Mike P - Brian B
visiting during the show
Chris P - Kurt N - friend
Wolf Designs
Our friends, Anna and Jim Cleveland
Frenchman River Models
Our good friend, Joe and Lori, of Ragss to Riches
Our friends, Brian - Jill - friend
BEST trains
Doug-Courtney-Cathy Junda
Cimarron Models
Paul Vaughn
Vintage Classics

2009 NNGC – Colorado Springs, CO