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Details include: Interior etched floor boards, interior detail, an extra wall for multiple building options, wall material vary in all of the kits so that not all of the outhouses look the same!

Our trademark EASY to follow FULLY Illustrated Step-By-Step instructions make building easy!

Precision Laser cut wood construction.

Includes our laser-cut, realistic no-paint paper shake shingles and tar paper roofing.


               N = .31" x .35" - two story

               HO = .58" x .65"

               S = .78” x .88”

               O = 1.0” x 1.2”

With all of kits, we include some way for you to customize our structures right out of the box. Not all outhouses are created equal!

Two-story outhouse kit includes multiple signs: Don’s Dry Goods, Sign Shop, Books, and Last Stop Saloon. Two types of windows and window frames add the option to mix up the look as well!

side gabled outhouses - wild west models
front gable outhouses - wild west models
shed roof outhouses - wild west models
HO two-story outhouse - wild west models

side-gable outhouses

front-gable outhouses

shed roof outhouses

two-story outhouse


Click on the small arrows to the right of the product to see all of the scales available.

two-story outhouse - wild west models

Available in N, HO, S, and O scale - 1 per package

O scale two-story outhouse

side gable outhouses

Available in HO and S scales - 2 per package

HO scale outhouses

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Well, there are many stories and explanations of how form follows function for this outhouse. One common explanation is that when the snow loads in the mountains buried the lower level, there was still access from the upper door.

Other two-story outhouses were attached to two-story hotels and buildings.

So, when someone spots this little gem on your layout, you can pass along this explanation or create your own story! (fun signs included with the kit!).

The Design:

In 2004, when we first started producing craftsman structure kits, we came out with our line of outhouses. Immediately, the requests  poured in for the two-story outhouse, so we delivered, with the first available two-story outhouse ever!

Many prototypes exist here in Colorado, and all around the country.

If you have pictures you have taken of these beauties, please send us your photos and we will post them and credit you here!

front gable outhouses

Available in HO, S, and O scales - 2 per package

HO scale outhouses

Available in HO, S, and O scales - 2 per package

shed roof outhouses

HO scale outhouses

HO two story puthouse - wild west models

HO scale two-story outhouse

The Outhouses