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This page is an overview of the detail parts and other accessories, tools, and organizers we offer. All in one place. Each link will have pictures and detailed information. Enjoy!

NOTE: Part numbers in BLACK are in production and available.

Detail Parts & Accessories

DP–Paint Organizer - Great for paints/spices

DP–Tool Organizer - Great for paints/spices

DP–Tape - our super double sided tape

AC–Glue - Cyanoacrylate glue - thin, thick,

                 and Gap filling

DP–Paint Mixer - Just like it says. Great tool!

DP27 - Allis Chalmers Dynamo

DP28 - Pelton Water Wheel

DP29 - Pulleys and Bearings (35)

DP30 - Pulleys and Bearings (100)

DP31 - Pipe Fittings (HO, O, 1:20.3)

DP32 - Gears (18 assorted) (Multi-scale)

DP33 - Belt Striker kit

DP34 - Shop Heater

Station Benches - (HO, S, O) Raggs to Riches

Chairs - (S, O) Raggs to Riches

Tables - (S, O) Raggs to Riches

DP11 - Electric Motor (9/32” width) ("HO")

DP12 - Electric Motor (1/2” width) ("S")

DP13 - Electric Motor (11/16” width) ("O")

DP14 - Electric Motor (7/8” width) ("1:20.3")

DP15 - Pot Belly Stove (HO, S, O, 1:20.3)

DP16 - Anvil and base (future idea)

DP20 - Twin Cylinder Steam Engine

DP21 - Single Cylinder Steam Engine

DP22 - Vertical Steam Engine

DP23 - Horizontal Brick Boiler

DP24 - TBA

DP25 - Vertical Boiler

DP26 - Office Interior

Parts & kits that can be used everywhere!

Tools & Accessories to aide on model building and organization

A page where we will be adding every type of ore car we can think of...

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