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Details include: Interior etched floor

     boards, interior walls, stairs, removable roof

     and second floor, scribed siding, vertical plank

     addition in the rear can be built as a separate

     building! Includes an outhouse.

Windows and doors can be custom

     positioned and include laser cut glazing.

Our trademark EASY to follow FULLY

      Illustrated step-by step instructions make

      building easy!

Precision Laser cut wood construction.

Includes our paper corrugated roofing.


              N = N/A

               HO = 2.3" x 2.8" | 2.3" x 4.3 w/ addition

               S = N/A

             O = N/A

The Smoke and Mirror Solutions acrylic

     paints used for this structure:

         Main walls: Brown #10,

         Vertical boards: Leather #10,

         Corrugated roofing: Colorado Rust.

If you want to match the look of this

     building or have other ideas for these

     colors, check them out on our

     SMS paints product page .


Kit #832


Kit #132


In 1883, the town of Ironton was established below the mines of the Red Mountain Mining District. Its geographical location lent itself to create a natural shipping point for businesses, mines, and as a home to those miners working in the mines. Pack mules were used to transport materials and supplies to and from the town until the Silverton Railroad arrived from the south in 1889. To the north, Ironton was connected to Ouray by Otto Mears' toll road (today known as the Million Dollar Highway).

In its height, around 1890, Ironton had a population of approximately 323. As most Colorado mining towns, Ironton had its ups and downs survived until around 1910 when the population decreased to 48.  The post office closed around 1920 and the railroad ceased operations to just south of Red Mountain Town around the same time.

This kit was measured from one of the few houses that still exist in Ironton, and provides another glimpse into Colorado's mining history.


by Charles Mikeska:

The Ironton House #1

Ironton house - Front left
Ironton House - Back right
Ironton House 1 - back left
Ironton House Interior view
Ironton House rotating

Ironton House #1 (HO scale)

Great character – small footprint!