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Quartz Hill Mine-scenery-wild west models
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Quartz Hill Mine-Front view-wild west models
Quartz Hill Mine rear view

HO scale Quartz Hill Mine

as modeled by Joe Crea

Kit #221


Kit #321


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N scale Quartz Hill Mine

optional metal version (above) - can also be built w/o metal siding. Both building versions are included in the kit!

Details include: Interior etched floor boards, interior structure, one piece removable roof, plank siding that is engraved on the exterior wall surfaces, full head frame with moving parts, foundation parts, boiler room doors, windows and doors that can be positioned open or closed and include laser-cut glazing, and an attached boiler room and forge shed!

Our trademark EASY to follow FULLY Illustrated step-by-step instructions make building easy!

Precision Laser cut wood construction.

Includes our paper corrugated roofing material and tar paper roofing.


          N = 2.8” x 3.9”

          HO = 5.3" x 7.3"

          S = 7.2” x 9.3”

          O = 9.6” x 12.4”

Based on measurements by Keith Pashina and Joe Crea.

Multiple building options, wood siding or metal siding, etc.

See “The Design” section below for some of the included options.


Kit #821


Kit #121


The Quartz Hill Mine was one of the few remaining gold mine structures in the Central City – Black Hawk area of Gilpin County, Colorado. The historic region has a rich history of gold mining and railroads. Gold mining began here in the 1860s, and Gilpin County was one of the earliest and most productive districts in the state. Later, as the mining industry expanded, the Colorado Central (later the Colorado and Southern) and Gilpin Tramway railroads served this area.

At the heart of the mining districts was Quartz Hill, where this mine sat high atop the mountainside. This mine building is typical of the mines built about 100 years ago - metal siding on wood-framed walls, a peaked roof, and enclosed shaft structure.

The cold, wintry mountain site dictated that the mine be fully enclosed. This compact structure includes the hoist and shaft structure, as well as the attached boiler room and blacksmith shop (for sharpening drill bits). Although small, this mine had a productive history, as there is a large waste dump surrounding its remains. During the winter of 2004-2005, age, weathering, and deterioration took its toll, and this structure is no more.

Wild West Scale Model Builders has reproduced this mine, as measured by Joe Crea, and researched by Joe Crea and Keith Pashina.

More information about this mine can be found in the March/April issue of the Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette.

For actual pictures of this structure, visit our Quartz Hill Mine gallery page

History: (by Keith Pashina)

Quartz Hill Mine-top interior view-wild west models
Quartz Hill Mine-side interior view-wild west models
Quartz Hill Mine-N scale-wild west models

Front view: N scale Quartz Hill Mine

Quartz Hill Mine-Back right-wild west models

The Design:

We have included many options for this kit. This mine can be built with the wood siding exposed. Boards are engraved on the exterior walls. A second option is to build the mine covered with our “metal” siding, as shown.

We have included the foundation pieces for the compressor and hoist.

Not going to detail the inside?

Use the head frame and combine it with one of our other structures –Zeke’s Cabin or Tommy Knocker Cabins– to create another type of mining structure.

Quartz Hill Mine-Front right-wild west models
Quartz Hill Mine-back right-wild west models

Quartz Hill Mine

Head Frame:

All of our mines include prototype laser cut mine head frames. They are designed for easy assembly!