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Kit #235


Details include: Interior etched floor boards, multiple removable roofs, full head frame with moving parts, (HO): shaft ore bucket, includes two rotary dump ore cars, windows and doors that can be positioned open or closed and include laser-cut glazing!

Our trademark EASY to follow FULLY Illustrated step-by-step instructions make building easy!

Precision Laser cut wood construction.

Includes our paper corrugated roofing

     material and tar paper roofing.


          N = N/A

          HO = 5.3" x 5.3" mine only

                    5.3" x 8.6" w/headframe

          S =

          O =

Our Smoke and Mirror Solutions acrylic paints were used for this structure:

      Main walls: Combination of Brown #10,

                      New Timber, and Molly Brown

      Head Frame: SMS Mud Puddle,

      Corrugated roofing: Colorado Rust #1.


Kit #835


Kit #135


The Druid Mine rests just down the hill from the looming Frontenac Mine, and near the Aduddell, Old Jordan, and Kokomo Mines. It is closest to the Banta Hill Extension of the Gilpin Tram Railroad, but does not appear the mine was served directly by the tram. Records do show, however, that the Druid Mine shipped its ore through the Newhouse Tunnel to the Argo Mill, located in Idaho Springs.

Aside from the actual measurements that this kit was designed from, not much else is known. If any information surfaces, it will be added to our web-site

Optional building note: The original mine was clad in 2' wide metal sheets.

The Druid Mine is the forth in a series of structures along the Gilpin Tram Railroad that will be released documenting and, in a way, historically preserving our past for future generations to enjoy.


Druid Mine

(be sure to scroll all the way down!)

Head Frame:

All of our mines include prototype laser cut mine head frames. They are designed for easy assembly! This head frame includes nut/bolt castings, vertical shaft bucket and chain.

Kit #335


Druid Mine - Front Left
Druid Mine - Front right - wild west models
Druid Mine Headframe
Druid Mine Interior

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HO scale Druid Mine

Rotational view