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Earl Lee Stre -scenery- wild west models

Kit #212


Kit #312


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HO scale Earl Lee Store (shown above)

Details include: Interior etched floor boards, one piece removable roof, windows and doors that can be positioned open or closed and include laser-cut glazing. Thick walls are standard for this log constructed building.

Our trademark EASY to follow FULLY Illustrated step-by-step instructions make building easy!

Precision Laser cut wood construction.

Includes our laser-cut, realistic no-paint shake shingles (#_06) and tar paper roofing.


          N = 1.3” x 1.9”

          HO = 2.4" x 3.5"

          S = 3.25" x 4.75"

          O = N/A

With all of kits, we include some way

for you to customize our structures right

out of the box. This allows you to add

your own personal touch to fit your


Earl Lee Store includes multiple signs:

Earl Lee Store (shown), Drug Store, Books, Grocery, Bakery, Meat Market. Customize it with your own signs to add even more character!


Kit #812


Kit #112


NEW HO, S scale versions of the Earl Lee Store

Earl Lee Stre -interior- wild west scale models

Earl Lee’s Store was designed to capture the construction and style of those first (many temporary) log structures that were built all across America. The logs of these early structures were commonly squared off lengthwise with a broadax. When milled lumber became available, these temporary log structures were often covered, torn down, or replaced.

In the case of Earl Lee’s Store, a false front was added to the front of the building to appear more substantial and “modern”, and the logs were left untouched.


The Design:

This model is a freelance design that was inspired and designed from many prototype structures found all across America. Some that remain and others only found in history books.

Earl Lee Store

Earl Lee Store - S scale
Earl Lee Store back side - S
Earl Lee store - S scale
Earl Lee Store back side - S