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HO scale Land Office

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Details include: Interior etched floor boards,  removable roof, hanging sign, N, HO, S include an extra interchangeable wall for multiple building options, and windows and doors can be positioned open or closed and include laser-cut glazing.

Our trademark EASY to follow FULLY llustrated step-by-step instructions make building easy!

Precision Laser cut wood construction.

Includes our laser-cut, realistic no-paint paper shake shingles (#_10) and realistic tar paper roofing.


          N = 1.8” x 2.75”

          HO = 4.7" x 4.7"

          S = 6.25” x 6.25”

          O = 8.5” x 8.5”

With all of kits, we include some way for you to customize our structures right out of the box. This allows you to add you own personal touch to fit your layout.

The Land Office kit includes multiple signs: Land Office, Sheriff, and Meat Market.

Customize it with your own signs to add even more character!


Two building options: Build with or without the included optional front porch for two different looks!

Kit #809



The General Land Office was created by the United States Government to survey the lands of the central and western United States, so that the land could be sold to settlers heading west. Land grants, sales, patents, and survey maps were kept by Land Offices.

Land Office-Frontview-wild west models
Land Office-rear view-wild west models

S scale Land Office

S scale Land Office

Land Office-interior view - wild west models


This model was designed as a freelance false front building that, among many possible uses, was a Land Office.

Brief Land History Timeline

1862 – Homestead Act

“Allowed settlement of public lands and required only residence and improvement and cultivation of the land. Any person, a citizen or person intending to become a citizen, 21 years of age or older, and the head of a household could make application. With five years residence and improvements/ cultivation, only a $15.00 fee was required to get 160 acres. Repealed in 1976.”

1866 – The Mining Act

“Declared all mineral lands of public domain free and open to exploration and occupancy. The GLO established mineral survey districts. Prospectors could file a claim on mineral vein or load at GLO for $5.00 per acre.”

1870 – Placer Mining Act

“Permitted survey and sale of placer mining lands for $2.50 per acre.”

1872 – General Mining Law passed

This law identified mineral lands as a distinct class of public lands subject to exploration, occupation and purchase under certain conditions.

1890 – The number of district land offices peaked at 123 in operation.

1946 – The U.S. Grazing Service and General Land Office merged to form the Bureau of Land Management.

Land Office-front right view-wild west models

HO scale Land Office

Land Office-Back left view-wild west models

HO scale Land Office

Land Office-Back right view-wild west models
Land Office-Front left view-wild west models

Land Office