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HO scale Miners Supply

Kit #Z-05


Kit #105


Kit #205


Kit #305


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HO scale Miners Supply

Details include: Interior etched floor boards, interior walls, one piece removable roof, our special brick chimney’s, additional signs for multiple building options, windows and doors that can be positioned open or closed and include laser-cut glazing, self-squaring walls, and an optional front porch.

The HO version includes a FREE outhouse.

Our trademark EASY to follow FULLY Illustrated step-by-step instructions make building easy!

Precision Laser cut wood construction.

Includes our laser-cut, tar paper roofing.

4-sided Architecture = GREAT viewing from all sides.


          Z = 1.0” x 2.0”

          N = 1.5” x 2.8”

          HO = 2.8" x 5.2"

          S = 5.25” x 7.5”

          O = N/A

Based on a prototype structure in South Park City, CO. Measurements and drawings generously provided by Joe Crea. Thank you!

This false front structure is unique and can be placed in an area that can be seen in from multiple angles to show off the front back and sides!


Miners Supply Interior

Two building options: Build with or without the included optional front porch for two different looks!

Kit #805

Miners supply left side
Miners supply bacl left

HO scale Miners Supply

Miners supply front right with porch
Miner supply no porch
Miners Supply back left

HO scale Miners Supply


The miners supply store sold everything the prospecting miner would need and use for his mine from picks, pans, and candle holders, to dynamite and drills.


This model was initially designed based on a prototype pair of stores on display in South Park City in Fairplay, Colorado. 

However, this kit deviates slightly from the prototype, with modified walls, porches, and exterior materials.  These changes were made to enhance the architectural character of the building for modeling purposes, making it more interesting from all sides and allowing more building options.

Further information:

The original drawings for the structure can be found in Joe Crea and Elwood Bell’s book, Structures of the Early West.

We thank Joe Crea for giving us permission to use his drawings to recreate this structure in model form.

Miners Supply